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My long-held habit of saying “yes” to opportunity shaped my destiny in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined when I got my very first guitar at age 10.  

As a college student, I studied music, but was deeply inspired by the practice of Aikido and even learned some Japanese – imagining my life as a martial artist in Japan. An injury caused me to change my plans.  Over the years, various musical projects and gigs happened along the way – leading me to enroll at GIT in Hollywood as a student in 1985.  I never left.

Saying “yes” has meant that music wasn’t always the central force in my professional life. 

I’ve spent most of the last three decades in service to others by teaching, running/creating various educational programs, engaged in the community, volunteering for nonprofits and doing a few hip gigs here and there.

I’m grateful to be a guitar player.